Yasmina F. Edwards, founder of EGM NY – Photo by e.sydneypaul

Our Founder

There is nothing conventional about Yasmina F. Edwards. Her experience defines her as a cross-cultural translator, brand and strategic partnerships expert, and capital raising adviser. Just after graduating from Business School in Valence, France, she moved to New York, and worked with luxury brands in the corporate world for 15 years before building EGMNY, a brand consulting firm active in creative strategy, talent management and production.
Yasmina found a way to marry the arts and the corporate world. She built her company from the ground up, initially having few connections to the entertainment industry. Then and now, her interests have been the driving force behind each project that she takes on. Her focus is on the talented doers she represents. Yasmina is also fulfilling her passion for the advancement of Africa, which has been a central focus of her narrative and work.

As a French native of African descent, Yasmina believes that transformation goes hand in hand with the funding that will allow founder’s visions to be realized. As a result, Yasmina has spent the last year facilitating approximately $2 million in capital raising initiatives for clients from across the African diaspora. Yasmina has, to date, facilitated a variety of fundraising deals worth approximately $10 million.

Additionally, in recent years, Yasmina has been working with a roster of award-winning international talents, including musicians, film directors and actors. She continues to work with leading brands, who sometimes support the work of her clients. Yasmina wants to be known for her role in content production, which leverages the strength of her networks as productive tools to tackle systemic issues that inhibit the socioeconomic legitimacy of Africans globally.

Yasmina currently resides between New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Lagos, cities where she is developing a variety of original media projects.

What people say about us

Euzhan Palcy

Multi-award-winning filmmaker

Yasmina is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She never takes “no” for an answer.
She is loyal, has a brilliant sensitivity and a keen, inquisitive spirit and mind.

Rokhaya Diallo,

Journalist & Filmmaker

À New York le destin a placé sur mon chemin une femme Yasmina Edwards qui est devenue ma manager. Imprégnée de la culture de son pays, elle m’a permis de prendre conscience de mes atouts sans cette fausse modestie valorisée à tort en France.

In New York, I had the good fortune to meet a woman, Yasmina Edwards, who became my manager. Yasmina encouraged me to embrace the culture of her adopted country by confidently asserting my strengths without any of the false modesty that is sometimes unfortunately valued in France.

Book excerpt: “Ne Reste Pas A Ta Place”

Claude Grunitzky,

Founder TRUE Africa

Yasmina F. Edwards is a true leader in connecting people with ideas and movements . Her strength is authenticity in creating culture currency.

Bozoma Saint Jones

CMO, Netflix

Thank you for your steadfastness!!!

Sandrine DeLaage,

Creative Director

I have worked with Yasmina for many years…
I appreciated her faculties to orchestrate a variety of functions within full leadership, her skills to address the top management’s requirements with complete understanding of the outcomes, as well as her deep sense of human relationships and values.

Laura Kiernan,

CEO & Founder, High Touch Investor

I’ve worked with Yasmina since 2011 when we both worked for Harry Winston Diamond Corporation. For the past year, she’s worked with me as a consultant to High Touch Investor Relations. Yasmina is exceptional when working with clients and investors. She has brought in new business through her strong business network and has helped our company grow.

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