"Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter" -

Chinua Achebe

Edwards Global
Management NY

We are a New York-based brand entertainment firm active in creative strategy, talent management, and production. We represent a roster of international award-winning talent across the entertainment industry – actors, filmmakers, screenwriters,  comedians, and brand-focused businesses. Brand value, as well as talent representation, is our passion. We specialize in introducing innovative content to a global audience with wide-reaching stories

Our Purpose – To empower and amplify the voice of the “voiceless” through developing our client’s talent and brand in alignment with their individual mission and vision. Over the years, we have come to strongly believe that economic access is what stands between talent and opportunity. What if the voiceless don’t need a voice but a platform instead?

Yasmina F. Edwards, founder of EGM NY – Photo by e.sydneypaul

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